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WordsWorking - or words that work


Are you looking for a seasoned corporate writer or editor to help prepare a document or publication in English? Or are you looking for a high-quality, native fluent translation of a German text?

If so, then let me help you make your words work.

Born in Scotland, I am now located between Germany and France and am a freelance writer, editor and translator with over 20 years of experience in corporate and financial com­muni­cations, technical writing, marketing and training — first in the world of investment banking, and then as a freelance translator and writer.

My specialties are clear, concise and engaging copy, meticulously edited documents and fluent translations of even the most complex German texts, all delivered on time and for a reasonable price.

To learn more, please visit the rest of this site. Or contact me directly at +33 6 73 22 77 73 or alison (at) wordsworking.de.