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Despite all of today's new media, the written word remains the primary means for corporations to get their message across to clients, employees and other important audiences.

As a freelancer my goal is to help my clients deliver their message through the best possible, most effective English texts. My main services are:

Translating from German into English, with a focus on finance, marketing, general interest and literary texts. 

Writing articles, marketing copy and other corporate content; developing training and technical manuals; ghost writing for executives; etc. 

Editing all manner of English texts, either as a copy editor, editor or proofreader. 

Interpreting (both consecutive and simultaneous) at all types of events, from weddings to corporate conferences.


As well as my main services, I also offer the following:

Consulting: Developing communications concepts; advice on communications projects.

English language services: English language guidelines for your company, or an English terminology database for your product or service, and the like.

Language courses: Courses for German and French native speakers with a good command of English who want to polish either their spoken or written English.

Design: Layout and design for printed or web-based financial and corporate communications.